Custom Sapele Doors with Inlay


The client's home had a small room with several built in cupboard spaces. However, none of the spaces had doors to enclose their belongings. The client therefore commissioned us to design and fabricate doors.

Before the doors were made, here's what the cupboard spaces looked like:



towl cupboard.jpg

Here are the doors we made to enclose these spaces:

pantry doors.jpg
laundry doors.jpg
towel doors.jpg

The client also has great appreciation for the type of inlay work that we do and asked if some inlay could be incorporated into a door. A bonsai tree motif was selected as bonsais are of personal interest to the client. We made a drawing and the client approved. 

The doors are made of a wood called sapele. Sapele looks similar to mahogany. We decided to use sapele because nicely figured sapele is easier to procure than nicely figured genuine mahogany. Also, sapele is better to work with than some of the other mahogany "look-a-likes" such as kaya.

Here are some detail pictures of the door with inlay:

inlay door 1.JPG
inlay doors detail.JPG

The various inlay materials include english brown oak for the tree, pear for the rocks, silver and copper for the pine needles, and ebony for the birds.