Boiserie/Inlay with Bone


This is a study of inlay experimenting with bone as a material. For the construction and materials in this inlaid panel I used walnut veneer for the background, solid stave core white oak for the substrate, walnut for the border, camel bone and yellow heart for the flowers, pear wood for the branches, yellow heart, gabon ebony, and copper for the bees.

I enjoyed carving the bone. It can be polished to a very high degree of shine. It can be carved to look almost like smooth stone or textured to evoke grain/direction. It is brittle, but not excessively so. I consider this study a success and will continue to experiment with bone as an inlay material. While I initially chose it because I wanted a material to create a white color, I have found that it readily accepts stains/dye and opens the possibility to a variety of colors to be incorporated in future works.


john ipekjianComment